FUT New Features

FUT New Features

Date Published: Fri 05 Aug 2022

FIFA Ultimate Team is known as the cash cow for EA which is why it is no surprise that there are many new features in FUT 23.

Cross Platform Transfer Market

One of the biggest changes in FUT 23 is that the transfer market will now be cross play with most of the main platforms.

PC and Nintendo Switch will continue to have their own separate markets but all consoles will share one single market.

For example, a player on Xbox can list up a card on the market and someone on PlayStation will be able to bid or buy that card.

FIFA 23 Transfer Market

New Chemistry System

Early leaks have revealed that the chemistry system in FIFA 23 Ultimate team will be completely different to anything we have seen in the past. What we know so far according to leaks via FUT Donk on Twitter:

It is also rumoured that SBCs will work in the same way just revamped into this new system.

Alongside the new chemistry system position changes have also been removed and instead some players will have a secondary position in which they can be played.

FIFA 23 Chemistry

New Gamemode & Currency

In the past FUT has always had 2 main currencies which were Coins and FIFA Points but this year in FUT 23 it looks like a new currency will be added.

An image posted by EA shows that in the bar in the top left a new purple logo representing the new currency.

FIFA 23 Currency

More information will be explained by EA at a later date but we know so far according to leaks via FUT Donk on Twitter:

The official FIFA 23 Ultimate Team trailer is expected to be released towards the end of August which will reveal all of the new features in detail.

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